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Full Of Fit’s mission is to help leaders have more influence and make more impact. We help leaders improve their physical resilience through health and fitness coaching that is individualised to meet them where they are and focus on them as a whole person. Many people take up an intense fitness routine without considering their nutrition, recovery or stress levels.  As a result, industry wide 50% of people returning to fitness training will suffer an injury within 6 weeks. We aim to reduce this number by intelligently building resilience, working with existing restrictions and not proceeding immediately to the most extreme workouts on the planet. By incorporating sustainable exercise, nutrition and recovery habits, leaders can get the mental and physical health benefits without worrying about getting injured.
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Our 14 day Spring Special makes it super convenient to boost energy, reduce stress, clear your mind and feel better!  It includes the following:

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  • 2 weeks of unlimited fitness classes
  • 1 nutrition coaching session

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Fitness Training

Since starting Full Of Fit in 2015, I have helped people achieve their fitness goals.  I’m here to help you lose some extra weight, increase your energy levels, feel fitter, increase functional strength, increase flexibility or tone up! And my coaching is more fun than settling in at a slow steady pace on a treadmill for 30 long minutes 🙂

I look at fitness differently, so there are a number of things that set my training apart.  I build ongoing relationships with the people who train with me, and help them make sustainable change.  I start by taking the time to understand what you are looking to achieve from a fitness program, and assess any limitations such as injuries that need to be allowed for before we start.  Every training session is another step towards these goals, and as we make progress along the way, the sessions will become more challenging in order to keep forcing your body to change and adapt.

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Pain and soreness: when to keep pushing, and when to dial it back

Today’s blog post is on pain vs soreness, and being able to tell the difference. It’s a really important area of awareness so that we can tell the difference between when we’re at risk of injury, and when we’re just working hard within a range that we would expect from a workout. The aim is …


“I was apprehensive about doing personal training as my previous experience with a trainer wasn’t very positive.

I have stuck with it for a year now!  It’s been a great experience for me coming along every week and it’s been great to see the improvements in my muscle tone and general fitness.  You are generous with the time you commit as well and I’m really enjoying it.  Also great music :)”

Hannah, trains at Royston Park

“I have now been training with Lachlan for a year and it is without doubt the best decision I have made with respect to my health and well-being.

As a result of my time with Lachlan, I am a much stronger, healthier and confident person than I was twelve months ago. My personal training sessions with Lachlan have significantly improved my balance, strength, coordination and movement, and these improvements have greatly assisted me in my everyday activities.

Lachlan clearly spends time on planning his sessions – the sessions are tailored to your needs and goals and he always take into account any injury of concerns you may have. The sessions comprise both weight bearing exercises and cardio which makes the sessions varied, interesting and always challenging.

You will find that Lachlan has a great sense of humour and makes the sessions ‘fun’, but rest assured you will work up a well-earned sweat.”

Carmela, trains at Royston Park