12 Week Challenge

12 Week Challenge Poster

Join our 12 Week Challenge program for busy professionals, with regular intakes opening throughout the year. You choose the goal you want to achieve in 12 weeks, and we’ll provide coaching and hold you accountable for exercise, nutrition and sleep as you make progress towards your goal.

You’ll burn fat, build lean muscle, gain energy and have fun, with up to 2 small group training sessions per week at Royston Park included as well as an at-home exercise program that you can follow in your own time.

During this challenge, we will coach you through making sustainable changes towards your goal.  We don’t want to achieve a short term goal which can’t be maintained beyond the challenge period.  By breaking down progress into a series of small changes, and by making exercise fun, you will be more likely to follow the changes in the long run.  This isn’t a diet, and we won’t force you to follow a meal plan with foods that you don’t like!

The challenge will be based at The Studio Trainer, 60A Lambert Rd, Royston Park. For more information on the challenge, or to register simply fill out the form below!

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