5 Advantages Of Smaller Fitness Studios

In the past 5 years we’ve seen a sharp increase in smaller fitness studios opening in Australia, and a matching increase in the number of people training in them, following overseas trends.  Research in the US by IHRSA has seen the percentage of people going to smaller studios double between 2013 and 2014, and the number of studios increasing year on year.  So you may be wondering why this shift has been happening? Here’s 5 advantages of training at a smaller fitness studio over a larger gym facility. (plus a bonus one based on my own personal bias 🙂  )

Fitness Studios Aren’t Intimidating

Many of the people that train with me have previously trained at larger gyms.  They have told me that they have felt intimidated by the size of the facility, or felt they were being watched by other members of the gym while working out.  (Or felt their personal trainer was more interested in their own reflection than in observing their clients working out safely, but that’s a different issue 🙂 ) At smaller fitness studios such as the one that I train at, The Studio Trainer, people come to train either one-on-one or as part of a small group.  The studio is only available for workouts which are supervised by qualified trainers.  This tends to keep a lid on unsociable behaviour, or people taking selfies in the mirror whilst flexing 🙂

Personal Attention

Because smaller fitness studios have less people working out and sessions are under supervision, you get a more personal service.  The trainers know your name and greet you before sessions and farewell you after sessions; and I always make sure participants in group sessions know each other’s name as well (if they didn’t know it already before the class).  Since we know each other’s name and you know that I’m expecting you at a particular time, it helps with accountability.  You’re less likely to put it off until tomorrow – maybe the day after – oops it’s next week already.  Personal attention also allows me to observe everyone’s form to make sure they’re performing appropriate exercises safely and getting the benefits that they should. In a session you shouldn’t have to look at the person next to you and guess at what you should be doing 🙂

Sense Of Community

As well as knowing everyone’s name that you workout with, you’ll know the names of the trainers, and build friendships within the group.  I’ve seen numerous groups after sessions go for a coffee together – just don’t undo all of your hard work during the session by ordering cheesecake with it 😉

No Unused Membership

You only have to pay for the sessions that you can attend.  You don’t have to watch a direct debit come out of your account for a membership in a fortnight when you didn’t get in to the gym.

Less Competition For Equipment

I’m sure you’ve had days when you’ve gone in to a larger gym and haven’t been able to get on to a piece of equipment that you want to use.  There might be three people surrounding the equipment taking turns chatting or just one person on their phone, pausing periodically to bust out a bicep curl.  This has even happened to me as a client during a personal training session that I was paying for…  Within the fitness studio that I train at, from time to time I will want to use the same piece of equipment as another trainer, however between us we are always able to come to a win-win solution 🙂

Bonus Advantage: Music

I know I only promised 5 advantages; as the adage goes, under-promise and over-deliver! For the first couple of weeks after opening, the fitness studio I train at was playing workout music stations from iTunes Radio – mostly top 40 kind of stuff.  Accidentally, we tried an 80s playlist and got positive feedback from a number of people on how the music had improved 🙂  I take music selection possibly a little more seriously than I should, but I’m always looking for a good playlist to match a session. Whether it’s the finest 70s disco, the best 80s pop, a harder rock mix for boxing classes, or even my favourite hipster electronic music from the 2010s.

If you’re convinced by the above advantages and want to give training with me in a small fitness studio a go, please get in touch with the contact details below.  I’d love to have a chat on how I can help you get the most out of your fitness routine!