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Hi there, I’m Lachlan Cameron-Smith, Health and Fitness Coach!  I’ve always had a keen interest in what makes leaders and teams successful, both in business and in sports. I’ve had over 10 years experience of coaching high performers. Firstly as part of executive leadership roles in the business world, and more recently since transitioning into the health and fitness industry.

Everyone I talk to about this says “That’s quite a switch!” They ask me how I made the transition.

While I was undertaking a particularly demanding leadership role, I joined a workplace health and fitness program, having seen what a difference it was making for my peers.  They were walking taller, had more energy, and seemed happier.  Taking part in this program was the catalyst for me to make a move. I got qualified as a health and fitness professional. I now work closely with leaders to help them perform at their best, in work and in life!

I believe that fitness is all about improving health and keeping your body in the best possible shape to do the things that you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s not so much about the aesthetic side of things, because many people do actively unhealthy things to try to achieve particular aesthetic outcomes.

There’s not many leaders in the health and fitness industry who have seen first hand the challenges for high achievers to maintain a healthy balance in their lives, particularly if they are parents too. So I want to use my own experience to help!

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