Case Study: Dr T

Dr TMeet Dr T Vamadevan, a spritely 93 year old client of mine. Dr Vamadevan lives overseas but when visiting family in Adelaide is training with me. We have been working on his flexibility and adding strength to his legs since February this year.

Weighted fit ball squat

Following my program of functional movements and exercises and utilising equipment such as fit balls and Bosu ball, and bodyweight exercises as appropriate, we have seen changes in Dr Vamadevan’s flexibility, balance and strength. These have led to improved confidence in walking unaided over greater distances, and he also now finds it easier to get up from chairs. “I feel a lot looser,” said Dr Vamadevan. In comparison to other exercises that he has done in the past, Dr Vamadevan has enjoyed the functional nature of this training and being able to understand how the exercises and movements that we train translate closely to improved ability to do everyday activities.

Bose step up

Training the body to make everyday activities easier, in Dr Vamadevan’s case walking and standing up from a chair, is the key aim of functional training. Functional training making use of fit balls, suspension straps, kettlebells, Bosu balls, powerbags and battle ropes is central to the personal and group training which I offer. As Dr Vamadevan has found, it’s never too late to benefit from being able to move better. If you’d like to work on improving your flexibility, balance, strength or fitness, please get in touch using the details at the bottom of the page and let’s make a start on helping you to move better!