Fitness Training

Since starting Full Of Fit in 2015, I have helped people achieve their fitness goals.  I’m here to help you lose some extra weight, increase your energy levels, feel fitter, increase functional strength, increase flexibility or tone up! And my coaching is more fun than settling in at a slow steady pace on a treadmill for 30 long minutes 🙂

I look at fitness differently, so there are a number of things that set my training apart.  I build ongoing relationships with the people who train with me, and help them make sustainable change.  I start by taking the time to understand what you are looking to achieve from a fitness program, and assess any limitations such as injuries that need to be allowed for before we start.  Every training session is another step towards these goals, and as we make progress along the way, the sessions will become more challenging in order to keep forcing your body to change and adapt.

I deliver training with empathy and humour, and I give people a place where they can talk about their day in between being pushed and hating me.  I understand that exercise is just one part of your life, which needs to find a place along with family and the demands of working in the modern business world.  

There are no sign up fees and no ongoing membership fees, so you will only pay for the sessions that you attend!