First post!

Slam 1

Welcome to my blog 🙂 I’ll start off with a little bit about myself, and what kind of things I’ll be blogging about…

So, about me… I’m a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist, currently working out of a modern and well-kept studio in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. While I’ve always enjoyed sport (I never said I was any good at playing it though) and keeping fit, my previous career was spent working in IT. I had taken on some roles in team leadership and management but had not shaken the responsibility of fixing technology when it broke, and this was tied around my ankles like a boat anchor. Add in the joys of being on-call for 24 hours per day one week out of every two (yes, you can get sick of being woken up at 3am by work calls!) and that’s why I came to the decision to do something quite different – to quit my job and study to be a personal trainer and later as a massage therapist. Which came as quite a shock to the people that I worked with 🙂

Out of my previous career have come strong interests in work-life balance and good posture, and I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of these first hand. Which gives me a unique perspective when training professional people, and especially people who are largely desk bound in their day to day jobs, as unlike many personal trainers I’ve come from that world, and can bring my own experience to help the people that I train. In addition, having torn my hamstrings twice has given me strong interests in injury prevention and improving flexibility.

In my personal training, I’m always looking to improve, whether it be by adding in skills in training using new equipment (so far suspension training, boxing, fitballs and kettlebells, and I have a certification in kickboxing coming up in the next few weeks) or changing up the way that I run sessions to keep challenging the people that I train. I’m not a former body builder, and I’m not training any budding Hollywood action heroes, so I help my clients build functional strength and fitness that will help them in their everyday lives.

So to the blog! I’ll be posting things that I’ve found of interest, and I’ll be addressing topics that have arisen from conversations that I have had with the people that I train. Any recommendations will be based on evidence wherever possible so that you can have confidence that I’m not just making this stuff up 🙂 And I’ll try to keep the dad jokes to a minimum as they perhaps won’t play as well as they would face to face 🙂

I hope you find the articles useful and valuable and are able to put the information in them to good use!