Online Training

If you’re looking for an exercise program to follow at home, at a gym or while travelling that has been written specifically for you with your goals in mind, training delivered online may be a good fit for you. ┬áSimply install my training app on your Android or Apple device, and you’ll receive new programs each week customised for you. The app includes a video library to show you how to do all of the exercises in the program.

One difference with my online training is that you have the accountability of working with me as a coach. I will regularly check in to see how the online training is working for you and adjust it as necessary. It can be used as an addition to in person training or as a standalone training option.

The training software connects with many devices and apps, for example you can sync Fitbit data into the app to record body statistics or how hard you were working during a workout, or sync MyFitnessPal to track your food intake.