The December Challenge Is Here!

Leaderboard and Slam Ball

It’s on! With the start of December comes a new challenge for all of the amazing people who train with myself and Eliza Richards at The Studio Trainer, Royston Park. The previous two challenges have been the 60 second rowing challenge (how far can you row in 60 seconds at maximum resistance?) and the 60 second burpee challenge (how many burpees can you complete in 60 seconds?)

This month the challenge involves the slam ball, which for the uninitiated is a weighted ball made to be slammed hard against the ground. Just visualise your least favourite politician or something else that frustrates you, and away you go! The challenge is this: How many times in 60 seconds can you slam the 5kg slam ball against the ground, pick it up and go again?

If you’d like to have some fun while improving your fitness and strength, losing fat, or toning up, please get in touch and I’d love to help you achieve your goals with one or one or small group training.